New Mailbox Information

New Mailbox Information for Western Country Ranches HOA Members and Renters in WCRHOA Community.

New mailboxes are coming to WCR!  The old boxes have outlived their usefulness, are very difficult to repair and parts are hard to get.  The new mailboxes will be larger, will hold large envelopes and magazines flat, and there will be more package boxes.  The new mailbox units will fit inside the existing mailbox building.  The only change to the existing mailbox building has been the removal of the grate that surrounds the current mailboxes.  This grate will not be replaced.  The cost of the mailboxes will be paid from reserve funds currently held by the HOA.

The tentative date for installation of the new mailboxes is the week of July 13, 2015We will have a more definite date as the installation gets closer.  There is a professional company coordinating and installing the new mailbox units.

When the new mailboxes are installed, mail delivery will be stopped for a period of time (estimated to be no more than four or five days, and possibly less) for the installation, labeling of the boxes by the Post Office and for the exchange of keys.

During this time homeowners will need to collect mail from the Post Office. Homeowners/renters may need to show identification to pick up mail, so we encourage you to bring your driver’s license to the Post Office when you go to pick up mail.  Any mail left in the old mailboxes will be pulled from the boxes before the old mailboxes are taken down.  Old mail still in the mailboxes when the old boxes are taken down can be picked up at the Post Office during the transition.

The Post Office will organize the boxes by address and new mailbox door number.  Every house will receive a new mailbox location in the cluster of boxes and new mailbox number.  When the Post Office has organized the boxes, the Post Office will have an envelope with the new box number and new keys for homeowners/renters at the Post Office.  This envelope will be with mail that is being held for each box-holder.

Thank you for your understanding during this transition that will bring a much-needed improvement to our neighborhood.

Your Western Country Ranches Board of Directors